Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Visit the Walter Rhein for my writer's interview. His blog is to help new and established writers get their name out into the world with new works. Take a look!!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The Mind of God

My next article for Unexplained Mysteries went live 5/7. It's titled "The Mind of God" and explores a notion that we are inside someone else's brain (or mind). Give that look-see and let me know what YOU think.

Another story gone live

I've had another flash tale (Specimen) accepted at Flashes In The Dark. Although it's an oldie, it's based on a personal, actual event. I say "based," as in not a true story but based on events of an actual occurance. Bet you can't guess where the truth and reality split.

Go to my website and click on the link to read it.

I'm International!!! TBI

I'm goin' international, baby! My "vampire on Mars" story "A Long Ride" has been accepted by Panic Press in the U.K. for their anthology of vampire stories titled Bleed and They Will Come. I'm so happy and excited about this. That particular story has been accepted other places only to end up being unpublished. So, I'm hoping that the U.K. treats it a bit better, which I believe they will. Afterall, weren't vampires "born" there?

Monday, May 02, 2011

More, more, more, and still more...

New article going live on May 7 at Unexplained Mysteries. My flash story "Milepost 44" posts at Flashes In The Dark on May 9. Also, Static Movement's May e-zine has published my story "Specimen" as of May 2. On a roll, baby! On a roll!