Monday, January 16, 2006

Hey, hey, it's the beetles

An article on has revealed that British Columbia, Canada, is considering harvesting 21 million acres of forest to stop the Mountain Pine Beetle. If BC should do this, lumber prices will plummet with the huge influx of timber.

They have already increased timber cuts by 78%.

America's Northwest markets will be hit hard in about one year's time, according to a sawmill owner in Washington.

I live in Skamania County--an already severely financially depressed area. The lumber industry has been so hard hit here, that another round will probably finish off what small mills are still existing.

And what does that mean for Skamania County? More jobless; more crime; more financial dispare.

More people are moving in to this region, but shop elsewhere. The small communities here will not allow big business in. But the small businesses do not offer what the cities do--lower prices and more selection. In most cases, one cannot buy many basic essentials in the small communities. We are forced to go to large stores. Hell, where I live, I can't even buy Woolite anywhere.

So, with so much money going elsewhere, and now another large flood of lumber to drive more businesses out, I envision the small communities of the northwest suffering even more hardships.

Aren't there insecticides for beetles?

The Inward Spiral

I visit everyday. Although their catch phrase is "Something Amazing Every Day," I don't always find this is true. However, today I read the article, "Journey to the Black Hole" by Ker Than, and although the article was interesting, it was my own sudden realization of earth's position in our own Milky Way galaxy that amazed me.

The article describes a new study's findings regarding the feeding habits of black holes. Among speeds and mechanics of matter traveling to the black hole's center, the information that struck me came under the section of "How to feed a supermassive black hole."

According to the findings, a spiral galaxy black hole transports matter from the outside edges of the galaxy to the center to sustain itself by the spinning motion of the galaxy.

Here's what struck me as amazing.

Our own Milky Way galaxy is a spiral galaxy. It is believed that at the center of our galaxy lies a massive black hole. We (earth) exist in one of the spiral arms at the fringes of the Milky Way.

Is earth to one day be part of the nuggat for the Milky Way's center?

I wonder if I have read this right. Perhaps I have some information wrong.

Go here to read the article for yourself.

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