Friday, October 06, 2006

"But I never inhaled..."

A month or so ago, I read an article in which medical researchers stated that marijuana has been shown to cause memory loss in even casual users. Jokes abounded with "I can't remember" as the hook, line, or punch. But, all humor aside, my memory is normal. Unless I just have too much to do. Simple forgetfulness when a slew of projects races through one's mind like a constant Indy 500 is considered normal.

But today, medial researchers have announced that marijuana use can stave off Alzheimer's. See the article at here:
Hmmm. Isn't Alzheimer's the disease that is known for causing memory loss? So how is it that a drug that causes memory loss prevents memory loss? I'm no doctor, but that makes no sense. Am I missing something here? Is this just a case of fighting fire with fire?

I don't think so. I believe this is a clear case of government disinformation. Remember our War on Drugs? Yeah, okay, now I can see some blue in the sky. Quoting Mr. Macky (from South Park), "Drugs are bad. N'kay? Marijuana is bad. N'Kay?" Well, we're not all just cartoons with big heads and little necks. However, I can picture many in our government that way.

I found another article that rather sums up how I also conclude the "medical researchers" information to be in my mind. Read it from here:
It's all a matter of what the government says you can and cannot have. Big Brother is watching us. And listening to us. (But I won't address that right now.) And for those that do use marijuana, remember this: Use is one thing; abuse is another. Too much of a good thing can be bad. Maybe that's what the government is protecting us from; too much of a good thing. Maybe if we have what is "just right" for us, as dictated by government and prescribed by a doctor, it is good. Like a chair is "just right," a bowl of porridge is "just right," and a bed is "just right." Go to sleep now, Goldilocks. The bears won't hurt you.