Friday, August 25, 2006

Tribe Casino Axed

The Warm Springs (Native American) Tribe has been pushing to put in a gambling casino (off-reservation) here in the Columbia River Gorge. Many local residents and businesses have opposed it vehemently. Lately, it appeared that even with all the resistance, the tribe was going to get it's way, and the casino was going in no matter what.

Then the government stepped in and told the tribe that they could not put in an off-reservation casino in a designated National Scenic Area without a valid reason why. It seems that our government wants the tribe to do a thorough examination and report explaining why they can't have it on their own property.

Although I am opposed to the casino coming into these small communities (for various reasons), I do have to say this: As in the past, what our government says the native Americans can live and thrive on is all they get. They can not have anything else nor have anything back (landwise). Is the White man (gov't) repressing the Indian? Maybe. But in this case, if you know or knew this area, you would be thankful for the intervention.


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