Thursday, August 25, 2011

First, the bad news...

The writing world sure is a muddy, bumpy road. As it turns out, the vampire story that I was so proud to have accepted by a U.K. publisher, is nothing but a scam!!!! The publisher will not pay (never has for ANY book, so I've been informed) and the books I pre-ordered will never been sent to me. In effect, I've been ripped off!! What a dark shadow this U.K. company casts on writing and publishing. Apparently, for reasons that are not clear, no one has ever reported them as scammers. Well, I have taken steps to report it all with Preditors and Editors. I also hope to get the word to other contributors and writers to avoid Panic Press or Horror House or Sam Cox/S.E. Cox/Sammi Cox/S. Cox as an editor. SHE MAKES PROMISES TO PAY BUT DOES NOT! SHE TAKES YOUR MONEY FOR BOOKS BUT DOES NOT EVER SEND THEM OUT!!! AVOID HER LIKE THE PLAGUE!!!!

I've also just learned that she is telling some people that Panic Press folded. Imagine that....

And, shows that the anthology (Bleed and They Will Come) published July 3, 2011 and that they have it for sale. I contacted them to verify that they have it in stock or if they have to get the books from Panic Press (which they won't). Believe it or not, they HAVE NOT RESPONDED to me, either. I don't know what to make of all this, but I advise everyone to avoid ordering or writing for Panic Press books or Ms. Cox.



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